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Organic honey

Uruguayan Honey has a strong reputation worldwide due to the fact that most of it is obtained from natural pasture flowers, which gives light color and an unique flavor and taste.
Calosur has set a special project for Organic Honey, with hives located on organic fields and a new and exclusive extraction facility according to the highest sanitary international standards.


• Organic Oils
• Canola
• Sunflower
• High Protein Soybean
• Feeding Soybean
• Flax
• Wheat
• Popcorn
• Buckwheat
• Millet
• Organic Honey


• Export Office:
  Escombreras 8,
  Paracuellos del
  Jarama, Spain
• Phone/Fax:
• Contact:
  Raul Charbonier

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