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From seed to ship

The basis for a successful product is a correct genetic choice, in order to obtain guaranteed organic and non-GMO seeds, adapted to each growing conditions as well as to customer´s quality requirements.
A complete traceability system, audited by specialists, grants the identity, the organic integrity and the natural quality of the product through the whole value chain from production, through conditioning, to marketing.
The postharvest handling is critical to make products to keep its quality characteristics intact.
A natural drying process of the product, a skillfully performed cleaning and conditioning, a carefully storing, the utilization of a special packaging and the conditioning of the containers are the most effective insurance to keep quality up to the last link of the value chain.
Loading possibilities are extremely wide: from full container loads delivered door to door (standard, refeer or tank containers) with bulk or bagged products, through small bulk vessels.


• Organic Oils
• Canola
• Sunflower
• High Protein Soybean
• Feeding Soybean
• Flax
• Wheat
• Popcorn
• Buckwheat
• Millet
• Organic Honey


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  Paracuellos del
  Jarama, Spain
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  Raul Charbonier

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